Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Who Wins The MTN FA Cup?

It is Hearts or Ash Gold? Will the Phobians grab this opportunity to represent CAF Confederation or the Champion’s league? Will they allow their rival Asante Kotoko to represent them in the Champions League or will Hearts let Ash Gold win the FA Cup and a chance of representing Africa?

The  Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko are the biggest and not just the biggest but also the top two rival clubs in Ghana with many encounters, battling for supremacy.

It’s public knowledge that the Accra-based club is the oldest club established in 1911, while the Kumasi-based club was established in 1935.  The issue is not based on who was first established but who has achieved more than the other in terms of titles among others.

Over the years both clubs have all embellished themselves with a beautiful name,  one being the club of the century and the other acquiring the name, the continental club masters.

Both clubs had the chance as they presented in the  2004 CAF confederations cup. Accra Hearts of oak pinned down their art rival when the match was down in penalty kicks and the lines were drawn, who’s owns the bragging right? The Phobians!

On this occasion during the 2020/21 league season, unfortunately, Kotoko could not win this year’s league by placing second to the Phobians.

Whoever wins the FA cup will decide the faith of Kotoko,  whether they can make it into Africa this year or not. Automatically Hearts has qualified and booked a place to play in the prestigious CAF champions league as being the first in the league. One may ask how can Kotoko book a place in the CAF confederations cup? Yes, it is possible. As per CAF rules the country has two slots,  one in the Champions League and the other in the confederations cup.

The dynamics are that since Hearts has a place already booked in one competition,  in case they win the FA Cup which will be played on this Sunday means then that they will have to play in the confederation cup as well.

They will have to choose to represent in one which is obvious that they will choose to play in the CAF champions league,  if that happens then Kotoko will have the opportunity to represent in the CAF confederation cup.

But how?

By the fact that they picked the second spot In our league set them up for the slot to the CAF Confederation that is only if Hearts wins the FA cup finals against AshGold.

In the event that AshGold beats Hearts then it will be a big miss for the Kumasi-based side because the winner of the FA cup is entitled to participate in the CAF Confederations Cup by default.

Indeed there are interesting times ahead and fans of both clubs are overly excited about the outcome.