Fri. Oct 30th, 2020


On state funding for the ART, I’d read where people had offered numerous reasons why state funding shouldn’t be given to the ART. The reasons have included: those monies could be better used to provide health centers and water and sanitation, and that ARTISTS are entrepreneurs, why should the state fund them.

If you just woke up from a long slumber, here’s the summary of the national news!

The Bank of Ghana, a.k.a. the state, gave:

1.3 BILLION CEDIS to UT Bank and Capital Bank, which they misused and collapsed a year later.

5.7 BILLION CEDIS to gobble up the mess of the seven banks: UT, Capital plus five others (UniBank, Sovereign, Construction, Beige and the Royal Banks).

Over 7 BILLION CEDIS on seven failed banks.

Yet the Commission on Culture, National Theater, the Museums, the Folklore Board, Creative Arts Council…everything related to the ART is being denied of funding.

Imagine what 7 BILLIONS CEDIS could have provided!

0.1% of 7 BILLION (7 million cedis) could have done wonders for the ART.

Until Ghanaian ARTISTS stand up to the continued marginalization of ART profession in this country…

Until ARTISTS stop being afraid and ramp up their views on important national debate…

Until ARTISTS show that the ART offers a calming alternative in this endless muddle…

The FATE of ARTISTS will continue to be toiled with by the aloof establishment that would rather feed the TUMOR of CORRUPTION and CRONYISM with BILLIONS while denying the ART of its OXYGEN.

David A. Masterwille (Filmmaker).