Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Ten Ghanaian Celebrities With The Highest Number Of Followers On Social Media

The advent of social media has drawn fans closer to their favorite public figures in Ghana. Unlike before when fans relied on traditional media for information about celebrities, social media has created the platform for most entertainers to reveal their lives to their followers, while drawing them closer. With just a tap on one’s phone or the click of a button you would have an accurate account of happenings in the life of your favorite celebrity without depending solely on media reports. compiled a list of stars in Ghana with the highest number of followers on Instagram. While several other public figures are struggling to get followers though they have been on the Gram for some time, these ten have clocked a huge following on the Gram and are still counting.

In this day that several people claim to be influencers in one way or the other due to social media, our editor’s desk brings to you the true influencers of our time with a rising social media presence. Coincidentally, the celebrities compiled by our website have seven actors making the list with just three musicians.

This personality has evolved from pageantry into acting and is currently being speculated as a future politician. Yvonne Nelson. The Heels and Sneakers producer has the highest number of followers not only on Instagram but on social media. She has 4.1 million followers on Instagram alone with 206 posts. She is a tourism ambassador for the Ministry of Tourism in Ghana. Yvonne Nelson is rumoured to be a potential first female President of Ghana.

  1. With 4.1 million followers as well Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson both have the same number of followers. An actress well, Jackie shot to fame after starring in “Things We Do For Love.” She has also featured in several movies and won several awards and has 693 posts on her page.
  2. This celebrity has influence not only on Ghana’s acting scene but in Nigeria as well, as she has been living in both countries for some time now. The actress is also a beauty entrepreneur with an eyelash line to her credit. She is bilingual and has a large fan base not only in Ghana but Nigeria as well. That may explain her following of 2.8 million on Instagram. Juliet Ibrahim is third on our list with 888 posts.
  3. Next is an actor, who has also climbed into political circles and is purported to have presidential ambitions. He is the latest daddy in town, having tied the knot months ago. He has been involved in one controversy to the other and is described as a ladies’ man. However, he is currently off the market. John Dumelo has 2.3 million followers with 1611 posts.
  4. Ghana’s rap god and multiple award winning rapper, Sarkodie has 1.8 million followers with 246 posts. He is a revered rapper who has made impact not only in Ghana and Africa but the world as a whole. He has won BET Award for Best International Act: Africa 2012 and MTV Africa Music Award for Best Hip Pop 2014 just to mention a few of his awards.
  5. This actress has featured in several movies and has picked up several awards in Ghana and Nigeria. She is half Ghanaian and half Nigerian and has received Ghana Movie Awards Best Actress Award in 2010 and has received four Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award. Yvonne Okoro has 1.6 million followers and has 442 posts
  6. This actor is currently on an evangelism mission as he is currently known to be affectionate about sharing the Word of God. He has featured as guest preacher at several Christian gathering and has described his spiritual life as “genuine and inspired from his understanding from the Bible.” Majid has acted in several movies and received the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor Lead Role after he was nominated in 6 consecutive years and picked the award in 2012 after the third time of being nominated. He has 1.4 million posts with 429 posts.
  7. A singer, songwriter and an actress, Becca has 1.3 million followers on Instagram with 38 posts. She recently tied the knot to Ice Prince’s former manager, Oluwatobi Sanni Daniel. She became a household name in Ghana with her award winning song, “You Lied To Me” and is the second musician with the highest number of followers.
  8. With the same number of followers as the previously mentioned artiste. He is also a musician and has gained grounds as an afro-reggae dancehall artist in Ghana and beyond. Stonebwoy has 1.3 million followers just like Becca and is the third musician on our list with 2261 posts. He has won several awards in Ghana and beyond and featured with international acts such as Sean Paul, Jah Vinci and Morgan Heritage just to mention a few.
  9. A hearty and bubbly personality both on screen and in person, Nana Ama Mcbrown Mensah is an actress who is also rated as one of the richest celebrities in Ghana. She has featured in several movies in Ghana and is a comedienne with her own cook show, Mcbrown’s Kitchen. She has won several awards and voted Most Popular Celebrity for Ghana Kids Choice Awards more than once. She has 1.2 followers with 1920 posts.