Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Spirit Filled Atmosphere Mark “Women IN Worship” 2018

It was a spirit filled atmosphere at Perez Dome on Thursday during the 2018 edition of Women in Worship, organised by Genet Services, an event outfit.

Headline act, Nigerian Gospel Icon Sinach ministered to thousands, alongside Ohema Mercy, the Legendary Amy Newman, Cece Twum, Minister Kekeli, Jackie Mpare, and Tagoe Sisters.

The event which was patronised by thousands of women, this year saw hundreds of men also join in the worship experience.

Several patrons gathered at the event grounds as early as 2 PM, ahead of the initial 4 PM when gates were to be opened. Several prominent female personalities also attended this year’s event.

During her ministration Sinach encouraged worshippers to forge ahead in their struggles and urged them to dream for a better future and added that God would definitely make their dreams bigger than they can imagine.

She shared her personal experience of having dreams as a little girl, which revealed that she would minister to nations through singing and affirmed that though it tarried it eventually has come to pass.

The legendary Amy Newman, was energetic and poised during her ministration, the auditorium stood throughout her ministration as they sang along with her.

Ohemaa Mercy’s ministration was filled with deliverance as the auditorium was charged into a different level of worship. She touched worshippers with through the prophetic ministration.

Cece Twum reminded worshippers to be grateful to God for bringing them as far as they have reached. She was overwhelmed in worship and broke down during ministration.

Tagoe Sisters, Minister Kekeli and Jackie Mpare all took turns in releasing an atmosphere filled with the divine touch to patrons who graced the event.

For me the climax of ministration was when Cece Twum mounted the stage and sang Way Maker along side Sinach, delivering a very powerful ending of the hit song.