Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Sandy Hekny Campaigns Against Teenage Pregnancy Through Music

The quest to ensure that teenage pregnancy is on the decline has propelled Sandy Hekny, a fast rising Accra- based songstress to launch an anti-teenage pregnancy campaign through her music.

A month time after the release of her Afro beat tune, “M3 nyem me” which literary means “do not impregnate me”, the song is trending.

The campaign which is aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy addresses issues surrounding teenagers, pregnancy and its consequences.

Sandy’s message for teenagers and Ghana as a whole through her song is aimed at reducing the increasing cases of teenage pregnancy in Ghana and beyond.

The lyrics of the song is fun, catchy and educational fused with a danceable beat.

Sandy is optimistic that her music changes and transforms young girls across the country and beyond to secure their future by preventing pregnancy and focusing on their education and empowerment.

Below is the tune by Sandy Hekny : “M3 NYEM ME”