Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Rosemond Brown Lands First Major Role in Obaamu

Budding actress, Rosemond Alade Brown, has been unveiled as the lead character for the movie, OBAAMU (Uncommon Passage).

OBAAMU, which would be produced by AdomiBridge Studios, a content creation company, also features broadcast journalist MzGee, veteran actor Prince Yawson aka Waakye, Bex, and Mamaley Djangmah.

The cast of Obaamu during the unveiling ceremony in Accra

In an interview with allnewgh.comDavid A. Masterwille, producer and director of Obaamu, disclosed that the movie tells the compelling story of a young girl Akyaah who finds herself on the dangerous streets of Accra hawking for survival. Not only is Akyaah at conflict with her immediate environment but also the larger society. Amidst her hardship, she maintains a steady focus on education through self-learning. She sees education as the only way to better her world.

David described the movie as one that touches on the lived experiences of majority of Ghanaians and their daily struggles for survival. “Audience identification will be key to the success of this movie. We want the viewers to root for Akyaah as she takes on the heartless monster her society has become. We want them to be glued to their cinema seats praying and wishing for her success,” he said.

On casting Rosemond Brown, he stated that he knew very little about the actress but was touched by a radio interview Rosemond granted to an entertainment program on JoyFM. He arranged for a private audition for her and she nailed it.

Akyaah (Rosemond) and Joanna (Mamley) at rehearsal

“I couldn’t have chosen any other person for this role except Rosemond. The story of Akyaah is very similar to Rosemond’s journey,” he disclosed. “Another person I was lucky to have auditioned is Mamley, who plays Joanna in the movie. Her friendship with Rosemond’s character is very crucial to the plot.” David disclosed that ten days of intense rehearsals have been arranged for the cast.

Rosemond Brown rehearsing her role as Akyaah in Obaamu

Rosemond Brown was overwhelmed at the decision of AdomiBridge Studios to cast her for the lead role. She said many directors and producers frequently overlook her for important roles. She expressed her gratitude to the producer and pledged her unwavering commitment to the project.

She added that the role was a dream come true, considering that it will be her first lead role as an actress. “People say they have never seen me in a movie and that I am not even an actress. I am going to surprise them,” she said.

According to the director, the language used in the film will be the various languages spoken in Ghana. Ga people will find their language spoken eloquently in the film, so will Twi speakers, Ewe speakers, and a number of Northern languages. “I am dwelling on multiple local languages  to create a direct link to majority of Ghanaians whose daily interactions are done in a language other than English,” David said.

Rosemond and Mamley take instructions during rehearsal

The filmmaker encourages Ghanaians to support this film by visiting their social media pages to like and share their posts:; IG @obaamu and on Twitter @obaamu1.

Obaamu is written and directed by David A. Masterwille. It will be produced by AdomiBridge Studios ( with funding from the Zylofon Arts Fund, TransSahara Pictures, Films for Change and Development. Official media partner is All New Ghana (