Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Residents of Mim Appeal To Government for Better Roads

Residents of Mim in the Ahafo Region of Ghana may have to wait longer to get their deplorable roads fixed by government after Ahafo was carved out of Brong Ahafo Region.

Mim is a rural community located in Ahafo Region. Under the newly created Region, it is faced with several challenges including deplorable roads that make inhabitants and visitors to abandon the town.

The poor nature of the roads according to some residents, is detrimental and gradually effecting their lives. The residents say they have had several incidents of road accidents, robbery attacks among others when plying the road for daily businesses.

The road is one of the major roads that link several market places and many suburbs.

Some residents explained that they are always traumatized anytime they ply the road as they fear being sick after inhaling the dust.

Pregnant and nursing mothers use the road and are however confronted with sicknesses as a result of the dusty nature of the road.

According to them several lives have been lost, whilst others have had miscarriages due to the several potholes and the poor road network.

Motorcycle riders popularly known as ‘Okada men’ and drivers say business is not swift due to the nature of the road.

Each day, road accidents are recorded with passengers losing their lives.

Though it was observed that many riders in the area take tramadol or alcohol before driving and riding, not all the accidents are as a result of abuse of the drug.

Drivers complain of poor visibility due to dust, resulting in collision of vehicles and motorcycles.

“Instead of the road ambassadors to ensure our roads are in good state, they are rather spending their time stopping cars and checking whether the drivers have license or not”, ‘Osofo’ Kofi, a resident stated.

However, aside the bad roads, there is also an unemployment situation in Mim.

The rise in the phenomenon according to some adults in the area is leading the youth to engage in social vices.

Many are therefore calling on government to ‘walk the talk’ in order help fix the roads and develop the area.

Not until government listen to their pleas, live lost, armed robbery and other social vices will continue to surge in Mim, residents have lamented.

Credit: razakmedia.com