Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Ministry of Education releases the “Double Track Calender” for Free SHS

The Ministry of Education has released the new academic calendar for the Free Senior High Education system in Ghana.

The change in the academic calendar is to help the Senior High Students to get the best education from the Free Senior High Program.

The Government of Ghana has realised that due to the free education scheme, the Senior High Schools in the country are chocked, as a result if nothing is done about the situation, the quality of education might reduce.

The Head of Communication, Free Senior High Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Madam Josberta Gyan Kwakye explained that the Double Track Calendar is aimed at bettering the education system in the country.

She was speaking during an interview on Atinka TV, which was monitored by allnewgh.com and said that the system is going to be like the tertiary system in Ghana and explained that instead of three terms, there will be two semesters in a year

“Thus, 81 teaching days in one semester and in that semester, there will be a group of students who will attend the first 40 days and the other team will resume classes immediately after the first group vacates and continue with the remaining 41 days which makes a semester”, she elaborated.

She indicated that this will not destroy our education system but better it and cited that in other countries they have semesters and not terms.

“Parents must relax as this will not affect the education of their wards,” she added.

The calendar is made in the National colours of Ghana, Red, Gold and Green. It indicates where a set begins and ends in a semester