Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

“I Lost My Camera Trying To Save Two Girls At The Beach”…. Erny Grapher

Celebrity and fashion photographer, Ernest Debrah popularly known as Erny Grapher has revealed to, how he lost his camera in a bid to save two girls at the beach from drowning.

He disclosed this during an exclusive interview and explained he was picking a stroll on the beach when he saw the girls also taking a walk at the same location and decided to “steal” a shot after conceiving an idea without the girls knowing it.

“I spotted the two girls and decided to take a snap of them based on the concept I had. As soon as I took the shot I realised one of the girls had slipped and fallen into the water some heavy waves had made its way to the shore. The waves drew her into the sea,” he narrated.

He stated that he quickly run to her rescue, only to realise that the other girl was also being carried away as she was trying to drag her friend out with both hands.

Erny Grapher said before he knew it, he had grabbed the second girl and eventually dragged both of them out of the sea to the shore.

In the process, he said that the camera fell into the sea though he tried to save it but “the lives of the two girls was more important and I would say that their lives was in exchange for the camera”.

However, he was able to grab his camera before the angry waves resurfaced and said the strange realisation after the incident was that the girl who fell had lost the wig and told him that she felt something pulling the wig from her head.

The shot taken by the photographer

The beauty of the story is that Erny Grapher got the shot he thought of, saved the girls but lost the camera as salty water had rendered it unable to be used again.

His revelation comes months after two campus queens lost their lives at the beach, when after they went for a photo shoot for the Face of USAG beauty pageant.