Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Akuapem Poloo Speaks On How She Was Invited to the Cardi B Meet & Greet

Akuapem Poloo, Social media star, actress and now the internationally acknowledged twin of Cardi B has cleared the air concerning how she attended the Meet and Greet session of Cardi B.

The session which has caused a lot chaos in the entertainment industry and social media, saw Akuapem Poloo twerking with the American female rapper and eventually presenting her with her product, “Sexy Poloo Honey”.

According to her, her main aim was to present her honey to Cardi B, who is her all-time favorite American musican.

She narrated this on Okay Fm’s Best Entertainment Show with Halifax Ansah-Addo.
She explained that she was contacted by the event organizers of the Cardi B concert to do promo ahead of the event and was later invited around 1:00 am on Sunday via a Whatsapp to attend the “Meet and Greet” session, which she had never dreamt would happen.

She noted that she was never invited by Becca, but revealed that she was a dancer for Becca during her Girls Talk event.

She stated that although most of the female personalities who were at hotel for the session left due to anger, she stayed in order to see Cardi B.

According to her, Cardi B was shocked when she entered the auditorium and saw her and actually had her eyes on her the whole time.

She said actually did not have any question to ask the rapper but could only twerk since she knew the rapper liked twerking too.

She said when she started twerking, Cardi who was virtually shocked said, “this is my spiritual twinny,” and eventually joined her to twerk.

When asked why it is such a big deal for her, she said, “This is huge, the stone the builders rejected has become the corner stone”.

She called on the movie industry players to “accept her irrespective of her personality and support her charity project for needy school pupils.”

However, she pledged that she has stopped anything in relation with nudity on social media.

On Tuesday, Cardi Posted Akuapem Poloo on her InstaStory and captioned it, “Akuapem Poloo, my twin”. The post has received repost on social media and has got the internet buzzing with Akuapem Poloo trending on local and international blogs.