Thu. May 19th, 2022

GAFTA Invites All Practicing Filmmakers To Join Legitimate Guilds After Gollywood Brouhaha

In light of the recent brouhaha over the botched renaming of the Ghanaian film industry as “Gollywood” by some renegade filmmakers, Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts (GAFTA), the parent body of all legitimate film and television guilds in Ghana, is inviting all practicing filmmakers to join any of these legitimate guilds and associations based on their field of practice.

Directors Guild of Ghana (DGG) – Koffi Nartey 0244451234, Dr Fara Awindor 0208127472.

Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) Sam Fiscian

Screen Writers Guild of Ghana (SWGG) – Nana Kobbah 0240758768, Jordi Owusu 0277362149.

Art Directors’ and Designers’ Guild of Ghana (ADDG) – Emmanuel Quist-Haynes 0271891739, Edmund Johnson 0547656631.

Screen Editors Guild of Ghana (SEGG) – Aseye Tamakloe 0243670716.

Film and Television Production Facilitators Guild of Ghana (FTPFGG) – Teddy Sabutey 0244621854, George Bosompim 0546263771.

Motion Picture Sound Guild of Ghana (MPSGG) – Joerjie 0244131463.

Animator’s Association of Ghana (AAGh) – Sam Quartey 0209640576.

Producers Guild of Ghana (PGG) – Kwami Boadi 0248920975, Yaw Boakye 0244271647.

Ghana Documentary Filmmakers Association (GH Docs) Akushika Gran 020 618 5789.

Cinematographers Guild of Ghana (CCG) – John Passah 0244236264, Kwamena Aboagye 0244827377.

New Media Guild – Cosby Bikpe 0244638508.

According to the information made available to All New Ghana, each of these Guilds and Associations have their own membership eligibility criteria that has to be met before one can join.

GAFTA, which was established in the 1990s, is a private, professional organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in the art, craft and science of the motion picture industry — film, television and new media in Ghana. The organization is leading the finalization of the LI for Film Act 935, which will establish the National Film Authority.

On a related development, Richard Boateng, the president of the FDGG whose attempt to usurp the powers of all the guilds in the country brought about the controversy, has apologized unreservedly to the leadership of GAFTA and the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). It happened at a short meeting held in Accra on Friday 20th July, 2018.