Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Covid-19 Facilities Getting Choked In Ghana-Dr. Justice Yankson

Ghana currently witnessing the 3rd Wave of Covid-19 pandemic, the Ghana Medical Association has warned.

According to Dr. Justice Yankson, The Ghana Infectious Disease Centre recorded only eight cases in June, however, the number has risen to over 150 in July alone.

He indicated that facilities responsible for Covid-19 cases have seen a significant increase and are getting choked with infected victims.

He indicated that based on this data, Ghana is currently witnessing its third wave of the pandemic.

He added that facilities such as Korle-Bu, Ridge and the Polic Hospital are getting choked due to the increase in cases.

He was speaking on News File which was monitored by

‘People are dying in transit. Not long ago, the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital was not seeing cases. Now, it is struggling to find ICU places for patients’, he stated.

According to Dr. Yankson, the rise in cases is as a result of the proper enforcement of Covid-19 safety protocols in Ghana.

He added that citizens are not taking lessons from previous developments in regards to Covid and stated that the based on government’s approach, the Covid protocols are not being enforced and that leadership is not setting examples for citizens.

He called on the government to enforce the protocols that were outlined by the President, the Ghana Health Service, and the World Health Organization.

He stated that health professionals will continue to do their best, however certain things are beyond health professionals and that the state must play its role.

‘We have not gotten anywhere near herd immunity, so the protocols are our best bet and the state level, enforcement is not happening,’ he lamented.