Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Accra, Kumasi To Experience More Floods – Ghana Meteorological Agency

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has predicted that more floods will hit Ghana’s major cities of Accra and Kumasi during this year’s rainy season.

In an interview with JoyNews, Friday, Head of Forecasting of the Meteo Agency, Joseph Tetteh Portuphy, stated that human actions including building in waterways and filth are blocking the free flow of water, thus causing flood.

“The resilient level of the cities to flash out floods has reduced drastically just because of infrastructures, pavement of homes, pavement of offices so when it rains the water can not percolate into the soil, it needs to run off that is what causes the flood.”

During the wee hours of Wednesday, the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi witnessed the death of two people due to flooding.

Also, property running into thousands of cedis were destroyed by flood at the newly-built Kejetia Market following 24 hours of heavy rains.

Worried about the current flood situation, Joseph Tetteh noted that, the Ghanaian populace must heed to advice and help rid the country of filth.

Again, he urged the general public to desists from building in unauthorised areas.

He said, “when you look at the data that we have, the rains that are recorded in the Axim area, if the quarter of it should fall in Accra, Accra will submerge. Some of the things that we do are creating all these things.

“So we just have to heed advice. And especially those of us in Accra, Kumasi and its environs, if you are travelling and you know that it is raining, please don’t go near where you believe there will be flood. Just wait somewhere when the floods drain, then you can continue your journey,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey under the make ‘Accra Work Again’ project, has ordered the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and personnel of the Ghana Police Service to demolish structures in waterways to allow for the free flow of water to prevent flooding.